New York City Organizations

C.G. Jung Foundation
Offers public classes and workshops oftentimes with dreams and dreaming as a theme.

The C.G. Jung Foundation Book Service
The book store with a focus on Jungian psychology including themes of dreaming, mythology, religion and creativity.

Midtown Manhattan location
Telephone:  212-697-6433

The C.G. Jung Institute of New York
Provides graduate level professional training to individuals seeking to study psychology within the context of Carl Jung’s theories including dreamwork. 

New York Open Center
Occasionally has presenters who facilitate workshops and events on dreamwork.

New York Association for Analytical Psychology
A professional group of Practitioners with interests and training in the area of Jungian Psychology.

The Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism(ARAS)
The World’s Greatest Archive of Symbols is an apt descriptor for all of the images, including dream imagery, which may be accessed through the ARAS website.

Pacifica Graduate Institute
Offers graduate degree programs in Depth Psychology which includes  some level of attention to and training in dreamwork.  With two primary campuses in California, the school now has a low-residence program in New York City. 

The Kristine Mann Library
The library contains over 20,000 titles many of which relate to dreaming.   Open to visitors and by telephone during scheduled hours.

Telephone:  212-697-7877
Facebook Page:  Kristine Mann Library

Outside of New York City

The International Association for the Study of Dreams
Produces an annual conference, regional workshops and classes on dreaming and the dreamlife. Each year the location of the conference changes so check their website for next upcoming location.

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