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New York DreamWork provides a place, for deepening our consciousness as individuals and as members of the collective, through exploring and studying dreams. We share our dreams in order to understand their meaning for our lives. Due to our own individual dreamwork and this sharing with others, we are better able to focus on and engage with our true life purpose. Dreams are gifts from the deepest part of the unconscious. As such, we welcome them with respect, attention and care. When we participate in deepening our emotional and spiritual selves through dreamwork, we may find the most profound answers to questions. Engagement with our dream imagery enhances who we are in everyday wake life. It also supports us in soulful guidance to that which we wish to become.

To create a sacred space where the dream is honored and cared for in service of deepening individual and collective consciousness for healing, joy and wellness.

Fanny Brewster, PhD, MFA is the Founding Director of New York DreamWork. She has an interest in Traditional Dreamwork Practices from a variety of cultures as well as Jungian Dreamwork. Dr. Brewster completed her doctoral studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Clinical Psychology, and is a Jungian Analyst, certified through the New York C.G. Jung Institute.

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