Individual DreamWork

Individual Dreamwork centers the attention of the dreamer and practitioner on recollected dream imagery and words of significance.  The work involves receiving the dream invitation of these images and words and finding meaning which is important to the dreamer.  Dreams are sometimes singular or one of many in a series.   A dream will occur only once but will touch us in a very significant manner and we will desire to delve deeper into the particular images of this dream.  Oftentimes, a nightmare will awaken us, haunt us and demand that we pay attention.  As we seek to work with and through the dream images, we move from the unconscious home of the dream and we return with  treasure—a conscious understanding of  our lives.  This return, with dream imagery and understanding allows us to think, live and continue dreaming our lives forward in a way which is supportive of our spiritual and emotional needs for living a good life. 

Group DreamWork

  • Family DreamWork
  • WomenDreamCircles
  • DreamWork Artist/Creativity Groups
  • Collective Multicultural Dreamwork Groups
  • DreamWork for Healing
  • Couples DreamWork


Group DreamWork emphasizes the collective experience of shared unconscious material which supports the personal growth and development of each individual member.  Through a process of  attentive listening, meditation and focused guidance, group participants are able to deepen their own ability to work with dreams while being of support to others in the group.  Oftentimes, group membership can deepen the psychic dreamwork experience building a strong container for entering into and completing deep emotional work.  Dreams are always shared and explored with confidentiality, trust and respect.


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